Mar 26, 2009

Animal Art and Writing

A Penguin has fluffy feathers and feels soft and cuddly. It has white and black colours on its body to camouflage in the water and snow.

A Penguin has got fins to help it swim and catch food.

A Red Moki has black and blue stripes. It also has scales and feels really hard. It has eyes bigger than a humans. It also has spikes to protect itself from danger.

An Albatross has wings and a beak for eating and it has wings so it can fly and catch food.

I have a long beak. I have bird feet to walk in the icy snow. I have a fur coat to keep warm swimming in the cold water.
Backed Storm Petrels have a long sharp beak to get food and feels feathered and fluffy. It has a sharp beak to make it aerodynamic.