Aug 31, 2010

Some Excellent Homework

Orion is a star constellation in the sky. Orion was a giant so tall he could walk through any sea with his head above water. The second largest star in Orion is called Betegeux. It marks the right shoulder and is a red super giant. It could contain the whole orbit of the Earth around the Sun.
Rigil is the brightest star in Orion. It is a blue and white super giant and in the leg of Orion. It is 57,000 times brighter than our Sun.
Orion is visible from October to March. Orion is inverted high in the north east. When finding Orion look for the belt and the Main Pointer.

Aug 30, 2010

Cross Country

My head running with excitement

Will I get to the top ten, or the top 5?

I remember everything may dad told me.

Will I get better results than last year?

Bang! We’re off!

Nervously I sprinted the first fifty metres and then my stomach started burning like fire as I ran along the camp ground track.

My legs were jellyish and nerves are greater than when I was at school.

Round the last bend, trying to sprint, but my legs won’t go faster.

14th! Happy, but puffed, and faster than last year.

Pig Hunting

In the weekend Dad, a friend and I went pig hunting. It was hard work chasing the pig because it was running fast with the four pig dogs trying to catch it. The pig got away. It was fun and I am hoping to catch it next time.

By The Pig Sticker

Aug 26, 2010



• You can see Matariki near the end of June.
• Matariki is the sign of the Maori New Year.
• In Maori, Matariki means Little Eyes or Eyes of God.
• Matariki is shaped as an arrow then turns into the seven fish.
• Matariki is made up of hundreds of stars, but only seven of them can be seen with your own eyes.
• Fun Fact: Did you know that Most Stars have Solar System.

Maui’s Fish Hook
• Did you know that Maui’s Fish Hook is also known as Scorpius?
• Maui’s Fish Hook is a Zodiac constellation.

• There are 15 main stars that make up Maui’s Fish Hook.
• It can be seen in late June and early July.
• Scorpius has a main star called Antares.

• Fun Fact: Did you know that Most Stars have Solar System.

By Sonya Palmer

Aug 17, 2010

My day of being the learner

Today I spent the day with 25 other teachers from around Central Otago at a course in Cromwell. It was an incredibly busy day with a lot of talking, listening, learning, teaching, sharing and discoveries and I was very lucky to be involved.
The main idea of the day was to set up an ICT Network between schools in our area to improve our Digital Literacy. Digital Literacy means how we read things we see on computers, how we think about what we have read and then how we respond to what we have read. We talked about all the skill that we need as learners (Teachers and students) to become Digitally Literate. We decided that some of the skills we need are…
• We have to know how to search for information on the internet (I have put a new search engine on the links for you to try called Quintura for Kids).
• We have to know how to use a computer (Type, Save, Use different programmes, Communicate using computers).
• We need to learn how to read and understand the information we find on the internet (i.e. not be confused by too much information and learn how to make sure our information is correct).
• We also need to learn how to react and respond to things we read on the internet. One way we can practice this is by thinking really carefully about the comments we leave on the blog.
There was much more that I learnt today that I am going to share with you and the other teachers at our school, but I thought that these 4 ideas would be a great place to start and this blog is a good way for me to share my learning with you.
Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts
Mr Dyer

Aug 10, 2010

Planet Facts

Neptune is known as the blue plant.
Neptune has 8 moons and the
largest moon is Triton.
Neptune is the 4th largest plant in the solar system.
The great dark spot is a storms that come and go from time to time.
Neptune is the eighth plant from the sun.

Saturn is the second largest planet in the
Solar system.
Saturn is the only planet that has rings.


First Foot On The Moon

In 1969 the first three American astronauts landed on the moon in Apollo 11. 600 million people watched it on TV and they instantly became famous around the world.

Apollo 11 left America on the 16th of July and reached the Moon on the 20th of July. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, while Michael Collins remained on the main ship orbiting the moon. They stayed on the moon for 21 and half hours and returned to Earth on the 24th of July.

While they were on the Moon they collected 21 kg of lunar rock (moon rock). Which they brought back to Earth for scientist to research. The gravity on the Moon is only 1/3 of the gravity on Earthy, so the astronauts were able to jump further and higher.

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong filmed their experience on the Moon and sent it back to Earth. Over 600 million people around the world watched them plant the American flag on the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins went to the Moon and became world famous.

Written By Jack Landreth, Finn Muller, TJ Lilly, Jack Jury, Luke Keen and Mr. Dyer