Dec 17, 2012

End of year picnic

The wind disappeared and all the parents came out to celebrate the year and farewell the Year 6 students.

- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:A shady spot

A guest visitor

Tana's dad had just gotten back from Papua New Guinea where he had been shooting a documentary. He came and spoke to us about what he saw and shared his photos (WanakaTV).

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Shared lunch to celebrate the end of the year

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Location:In the classroom

Dec 13, 2012

Christmas thoughts we have added to the Christmas around the world blog

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Swim squad at work

Dec 11, 2012

Cycle skills - around the block with Constable Vink and Kirsty

Beautiful day to ride ;)

Christmas Around the World

We have been lucky to be chosen to be a part of the Christmas around the world blog.  I believe that as we are quite different to the majority of the other classes, because it is summer here, we might have some important things to add.  I have linked the photo above and what we need to do is add things like...

What are our Christmas traditions.
What makes Christmas Special for us.
What type of things do we get up to at Christmas.

So if you record your thoughts and ideas in a Word document I will help you add them to the Christmas Around the World Blog.
Mr D

Dec 10, 2012

Cycle skills

Great start to week 9... Cycle skills with Lucy, Kirsty and the gang.
Tomorrow - road cycling ;)

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Location:On the field

Dec 5, 2012

Christmas Craft in preparation for our End of Year Picnic Stall

The fine staff of CCANZ (Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand) are asking for pledges to raise money towards creating resources to educate New Zealand schools and businesses about what CC is and who has ownership of images, music and online resources and how we are able to use them.
So we have decided to do two things...
1. Make a pledge towards the people of CCANZ

2. Start our own Flickr account where we will save all of our photos that do not have recognisable people in them. We will then tag the photos, so they can be searched for, and choose a CC license for the photos, so that people can use them, as long it is not to make money and they give us credit for the photo.

Please look at the CCANZ website and then post your thoughts and comments about what you have read and thought on this post. It is a really important part of being a Digital Citizen.

Posted by Mr Dyer


Dec 1, 2012

The last practice before the Talent Show

I will try to record again next week with better Audio, but until then, enjoy.