May 17, 2012

Kahurangi Dance Group

Comments to follow... but here are some photos to begin with


This is an amazing example of a home made movie created by Carter starring Monty and Room 6s very own Josh.
Great work guys and I hope that you inspire the rest of the class to begin the movie making process :)

Here is a great resource we have used to understand Perimeter

May 10, 2012

Caine's Arcade

This video was brought to my attention last week and today we viewed it as a class and spent a bit of time reflecting on what had happened throughout Caine's story (which we have recorded in the word cloud below).
The creativity of Caine and his ability to affect so many people really made the class think and we hope that you all will enjoy it as well.

Some early Homework

Here are some examples of homework that is happening already by Emily and Ethan.  Emily has researched a current event, that she will present to the class on Friday morning, as well as creating a miners cottage out of Lego.

Ethan has created a Power Point slide show of his trip to Invercargill that he presented to the class today.

Great work guys!

Some work from class to share

These are the two poems that were shared at assembly last week by Luca and Ethan.  They were written using the model 'The Town' by James K Baxter and their language choices and the way that they have structured their poems makes the poems really enjoyable to read.

 Here is a good example of a diagram of a pick axe created by Hunter.  It is clearly labelled, has a title, includes some information about the uses of a pickaxe and the presentation is excellent.

May 3, 2012

Three good interactive websites about gold

Here are three really good interactive websites about Gold.
The first is about a treasure hoard found in Europe of gold owned by the Saxons from 650 - 700 AD.
The second two are Australian based interactive activities and focus on the Gold Rush in Australia which was around the same time as the Rush in New Zealand. In the first you are able to look at all the mining techniques that have been used from early days until now.  In the second you are a miner in Australia and have to provision yourself, collect the correct equipment, buy a permit than try your luck at mining... I made over £400
 in only a few months J