Mar 31, 2011

Triath posters

These are our Triathlon posters. We have spent a lot of time making them. We gained most of our information from the Triathlon that we did at school. We included the rules on our posters so people know what to do in a triathlon, it would be fair and what you have to do in a triathlon.
We hope you enjoy reading them and looking at them.
Thank you
Annika, Ashley, Zari and Kirsten

Mar 10, 2011

e-Central Photo Competition

Other schools were so impressed with Room 6's photo taking last term that they all want to have a go this term. We will be trying to use digital cameras in class this term, but the best photos taken are ones that you take at home. There are not a lot of rules (The rule list is available to be downloaded by following the link in the tool bar), but it is essential that all the photos are planned by and taken by students.
For Year 3 and 4 there are three categories
-My Pet or My Toy
-Open Category
-Digitally Altered Photos
Please come and see me if you have any questions.

A request for old Ear Muffs

With our inquiry this term we have been looking at the different ways that we learn. A lot of the students in Room 6 have identified that they need a bit of quiet when working and to assist us we have been trialing the use of ear muffs... Unfortunately, I need to take mine home to use, but was hoping that there may be some spare ones lying around the shed somewhere that you may wish to loan or donate?


Mar 3, 2011

The day my house shook

This is a great link to a website where kids who experienced the recent earthquakes in Christchurch are able to share their stories and experiences. The new members of Room 6, Kareem, Fanchea, Olly, Sam, Micah and Ella, have posted their stories today. Have a read of their memories and other Christchurch students and please leave them comments, as I know that they will appreciate your kind words and thoughts.
For us in Hawea it was a slight shake, for them it was much more.

This is what Home Work looks like!

Pierson and his dad take up the extra challenge on the homework sheet and share with the world on You Tube