Sep 28, 2012


It has been an amazing and wonderful term and we have had a lot of highlights.  Homework has been spotlighted here on the blog and in class throughout the term - Ben and Ethan's results in the Movie competition are testament to the creative nature of our homework programme.  You still have the holidays to  collect together all of your homework into your scrapbook and we will present certificates early in Term 4.  If you have lost your sheet all you have to do is to follow the link at the side of the blog and download it from the Google Doc.
To finish it off here are two Board Games created by Josh ad Emma and a revisit to the Movies that won and received a high commendation in the e-Central Movie competition.

Last weeks School Ski Competition

It was great to have so many members of Room 6 in last Friday's School Ski Competition, Casey and Ryan even made it into the paper.
Good Luck to Luca  and Reuben for the Junior Nationals nest week.  Keep us posted with you training and progress.
Have a wonderful holidays and any exciting events that can't wait until next term can be emailed to me with a photo and I will upload them and they will count as holiday homework (you can also upload them to your own blogs)
Have fun and see you in two weeks,
Mr Dyer

Sep 27, 2012

Emily's email to us

Dear Mr Dyer and Room 6
I have: seen whales jumping from our house on the beach; been kite surfing riding on Dad's back; came over to an island and had a mocktail; and got sunburnt yesterday.
I have taken photos of Puddles but I can't send them from here.
Hannah and I have been invited to the island school athletics day tomorrow.
From Emily
- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:Cook Island, Aitutaki

Mini Olympics

- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:Camp Hill Rd,Hawea Flat,New Zealand

Sep 26, 2012

Tek Rush 2012 ICT Kid Conference

Today I had the privilege of attending a conference in Cromwell. I have attended a lot of conferences as a learner, choosing workshops, listening to Key note speakers and taking what I have learned back to my class to take further with my students.
Today's difference was that I was presenting and it was not a conference for teachers, but a conference for selected Year 5 and 7 students.
These students had to apply for the opportunity to attend Tek Rush. The reason for it being Year 5 and 7 was because they will have the chance to give back next year to the school. I had the tricky job of choosing the lucky 7 from Hawea Flat and all have promised to share what they have learned with their families, classes and the whole school.
This blog is for Room 6 to share our learning and experiences. Today all the Hawea students that went to Tek Rush were ex-room 6 members and of the 12 Year 7 students from MAC four, once upon the time, were Room 6 students too, although it was quite a long time ago.
So thank you students of Tek Rush for the opportunity to be part of today and I look forward to seeing how you give back what you have learned.

- Posted by Mr Dyer

Ps: Year 4 kids it is your chance next year.


Sep 25, 2012

Bendigo Bride by Tarras Primary

Great show and really enjoyed by everyone! Thank you so much Tarras School for having us. Sorry that the photos don't do credit to your performance.

Super special to see ex-Room 6 student Emilia U up on stage.

- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:Lake Wanaka Center

Using an excerpt from the Power of One to describe a new experience

- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:Camp Hill Rd,Hawea Flat,New Zealand

Rabbit shooting

It was terrifying shooting the bunny, because there were about seven of them, and I thought that I might have missed. Dad was next to me and kept silent. He did not want to scare the rabbits or distract me.
I slowly pulled the trigger and fired, all the rabbits ran away except for mine, which fell down dead.

- Posted by Josh in Room 6

Location:At Graham and Binsey's on Mount Maude

Tabloid Sports and the Sack Race

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Sep 17, 2012

Movie competition success

I am very proud to announce that HFS has won the two categories that they have entered and received a highly commended for another entry.

Ethan B of Room 6 has won the Year 3-6 Story Telling Movie with "Spooky Forest"

Billy S of Room 1 has won the Year 3-6 dance clip with "What To Do When Your Boss Ain't Looking"

...and Ben S also of Room 6 has received a commendation for "Trip to Planet Volcanic"

Click the link at the side of the page and get Voting!

Class Room Congratulations

- Posted by a Student in Room 6 (Red)

Sep 13, 2012

Sarah Walker's Podium

Brilliant work Luca, such incredible attention to detail.

Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:London, England

Music Festival

Sep 11, 2012


100 views in the first year, 250 in the second, 3000 in the third and now we are already up to 10,000 views and the 4th year is not even over. Thanks for all the support. We love sharing what we do in Room 6 with you all.

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Sep 5, 2012

Some great collaborative brainstorming

This chart was created by the class yesterday between morning tea and lunchtime.  It was on the Interactive White Board (IWB)and as they though of something to add they added it.  The conversations at the IWB were fascinating to watch, the whole class was focused on how they could add to the chart and if we had more space the collaboration would have continued.  Then Abby and Emma recorded what they had added on the Wordle below.
Please excuse the spelling errors, but that was not the purpose of our lesson.

Luca's Homework Movie

Sep 4, 2012

Nikita Howarth

Nikita Howarth is a Paralympic swimmer. She represents New Zealand for swimming and her disability is having no hands. The amazing thing is she's only 13 years old.
Written by Tana
If you want to find out more about her look at our class blogs.

- Posted from our iPad by someone in room 6

Location:Camp Hill Rd,Hawea Flat,New Zealand