Nov 14, 2010

A Special Help for Doug

Hello there to everyone,
This is a bit of a reminder about what we talked about on Friday afternoon... Doug needs our help at school on Monday evening from 7:15... we need at least 20 of us to be there and I can not tell you about it, but I know that you will enjoy the experience. We will chat about it again in the morning, but have a discussion with your parents and lets hope that we can all make it ;)

Mr Dyer

PS: This counts as a homework task!

Photo Competition 2.0 First Entry

Nov 11, 2010

Mini Ball Week 4

The War Zone

The War Zone was usual enough; it had
long grasses, trenches, bunkers
And huts. Rocks, trees and
Canyons. Me and my friends
Did what rebels did - fought in the blazing sun or
Ambushed people in the cold freezing night. But,
One day it all changed, diggers and trucks
Drove down the road "Oh no!" they are
Building a house right next to the war zone.

Camp Bay

Usual days at Camp Bay...
Dozing in the sun,
Playing Banana Grams in the shack,
Lying in the sunlight
Surrounded by rose bushes
Ditches overgrown
The grass like a blanket
I want more

The Bike Park

The Bike Park was usual enough; it has
Grass grown over jumps,
Big pine trees, three kickers
And a pump track I never
Went to. The blanket of
Children do what they want to do -
Silent moments in the air
Loose dirt on the landing,
Dust flying with wheels
Spinning, tyres thumping
On the Ground
Doing things fun.

The Tree

The trees were usual enough; they had
Deep green leaves that got lighter in the sun,
Long dark shadows and even a small
Crooked wire fence surrounding them.
My thinking times were up there.
Thoughts surrounded that tree
I did what most people do in trees
I climbed, built huts
But mostly I drew what I saw
Doing what my imagination let me

Our thoughts on the Flash Mob

Nov 10, 2010

Thinking and Inspiration News

Well It may be a day late, but here is our thinking news for the week. It is known as 'Flash Mobbing' and can be used to protest, raise issues, fun or as an advertisement, which is the case with the example below. So lets have a look and then record what we think about Flash Mobbing.

A Few Days out of the Classroom

It may seem that I have been a bit absent this week so far, but I have been here I promise! Monday and Tuesday were spent under the guidance of Gail Loane, our writing specialist, who came, talked, advised, observed, discusses, reflected and left the teaching staff with things to learn, goals to fulfill and an a load of wonderings.

On Tuesday Gail observed a writing lesson that I taught, where we used James K Baxters poem 'The Town' as a model and then crafted our own poems about places that are special to us. As we complete, edit and publish these poems they will grace cyberspace on the blog to be read by all.

And today I was out of the class, released for testing, in preparation for reports and portfolios that will be written over the next few weeks.

So keep your eyes open for our poetry in this space and I must give a big thanks to Jude and Tash who have taken over the bike park duties over the last few days. The students and the teachers really appreciate all the time that you give.

Nov 4, 2010

High Jump

Run up to the bar... bring your first leg up to the bar then bring your following leg behind you, that jump is could the scissor kick. You start from the left or right side of the pole, and then you land on the mat. If you knock the bar over that does not count as a jump. The world record in mens high jump is a 2 meter 45 centimetres.

Nov 3, 2010

The Real Hawea Extreme Lunchtime

Wednesday Thinking News: Tinkering School

Nov 2, 2010

The Photo Competition... next generation

With such an amazing response to the Photo Competition, 25 entries for the final last week, that was won unanimously by Rory's war zone photo I was thinking how we could take this type of competition to a different level, something that is a bit more futuristic and involves a lot of new skills to be learned by your parents.

There are now two different competitions, you can enter either or both.

1. Photo Competition with the topic of "Action Weekend"


2. Pivot Stick 20 second movie
-Watch the You-tube clip below and download the free program 'Pivot Stick' from the link opposite. Your clip needs to be from 10 - 20 seconds long and can be any action of your choice (dance, sport, etc...). Remember the more time spent on your creation and the more small movements you make the smoother your animation will be.

We have three weeks to complete this challenge and the due date is Friday the 20th of November. Email me your entries or bring them in on a data stick if the files are too big.

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your creations.

Lunchtime on the Bike Park

Now that it is warm and not so wet we have stepped up the use of the bike park. Every lunchtime it is open and there are school bikes to use too if you can't get your bike to school. Here are some photos of kids in action today.