Oct 29, 2010

Cycle Safety Skills with Community Constable Phil

On Thursday we had a theory lesson with Constable Phil and learned about road safety. We decided that the 10 most important road rules for us were:

TOP 10 of Bike and Road Safety

1. Don’t walk on the road

2. Look out for cars and pedestrians.

3. Have to be 10 years or older to ride on the road.

4. When crossing road, take one step back before checking to see if there are cars.

5. Make sure your Helmet is fitted safely and clicked when you ride.

6. Wear Sensible Clothing (Good Shoes and high visibility clothing)

7. Face oncoming traffic when walking down the road.

8. On a verge, walk in single file from shortest to tallest.

9. Check your bike regularly(Keep your Tires pumped, clean your bike and oil your chain)

10. Use lights at night and have reflectors on your bike.

Today we have been learning about how to check that our bike is safe, hand coordination and bike skills. Dave, Hamish and Kirsty checked our bikes while Constable Phil and Constable Mike taught us cycle safety. We practiced going around cones and did activities to improve our skills and balance.

Activities included…

1. Slow races.

2. Obstacle courses.

3. Quick turning in tight corners.

4. Hand signals.

5. Traveling in lines in circles and figure eights.

Next week Constable Phil will come back and we will be learning about how to ride on the road safely.

Oct 28, 2010

Athletics Request

Hello there to the Blog readers of room 6.
We were so busy yesterday at athletics that no one was able to take even 1 photo.
Please can you email me your photos so we can use them in class.
My email address is lukekendyer@gmail.com or luked@haweaflat.schoolzone.net.nz
Many thanks from Mr Dyer and the class

Oct 26, 2010

The power of a letter

Just a short time spent looking at what a letter should look like, brainstorming of ideas and then some time with pencil in hand and we had some amazing results.
With a handful of carefully written letters to the wonderful people of Mitre 10 and Upper Clutha Transport we were able to help us complete the first stage of the tunnel house.
Mitre 10 provided us with seeds, seedlings and wood for the raised gardens, while the guys at Upper Clutha Transport donated us almost half a tonne of Mushroom Compost.
It was a great way to see the power of a letter and to the people of Mitre 10 and Upper Clutha Transport "Thank you very much!"

A day in the Tunnel House

Photo Competition... three days to go

If you did not look very closely you might just think that this photo was real. Very professionally done!

Some More Flag Designs

Oct 22, 2010

Google Earth Challenge

Hello there, yesterday we looked at finding places on Google Earth just from having the Grid References. I have taken several photos off Google Earth and it is your challenge to try to find them by using the grid references shown at the bottom of the photo and the directional arrow and zoom function on Google Earth.
I have also included a link to the place that you download Google Earth for free, so you can use it at home and share it with your friends and whanau.
Good Luck

Ps: Click on the photos to see them larger so that you can read the grid references easier.
The competition may have been won by Oban, but you are still able to try the challenge and there will be a reward/prize type thing for all correct entries :)

Oct 18, 2010

New Flag Designs

On my flag I have a red, black and White fern to Maori people and New Zealand; also I have a Union Jack and cross through the middle. The cross was for England and the Union Jack was for the United Kingdom. A flower was put in the bottom Corner to show the Pacific Islands. I used the cross, Union Jack and the flower to show where some people came from before they came to New Zealand and to show that New Zealand is a migrant country.


Oct 13, 2010

Thinking and Inspiration News

On Wednesdays we have decided to change our morning news to 'Thinking and Inspiration News' so for the first session we watched the interesting You Tube clip below and then recoreded our thoughts in a Wordle.

Oct 12, 2010

Working Up the Mountain

Most of the days in the holidays I went to Cardrona to ski, but today was different. I had to work in the apartments. It was exciting because I got to jump from the second story to first onto pillows. Then I went to ski hire and there was the gang: Jayden, Lucan, Luke, Finn and Charlie. I helped them to put their boards away then straight back to work.
By Mitchell

Oct 10, 2010

Some 'Fan' footage of Term 3's music performance

Through the wonder of modern technology we have a way to share the Term 3 Band's one night only show. A big thank you to to the camera lady for such steady footage and taking the initiative to share it with me, so I can share it with you all.
See you tomorrow for an exciting new term
Mr Dyer :)
PS: Feel free to share our blog with family and friends overseas, and get them to post their thoughts and comments on our work.