Nov 29, 2012

Heather Hunt at the Wanaka Library

Today we traveled to the Wanaka library to meet and listen to Graphic Designer and Illustrator Heather Hunt. She discussed with us the picture book that she has illustrated about the Kiwi. Then we learned about the ways that her community of Whangarei Heads have changed the way that they live and trapped pests to raise the level of kiwi living around their houses.

Here are some of our jottings...

Kiwi like to live in Pampus bushes. Casey
The male kiwi protects itself from predators by turning its back to him and kicking. Luca

The male kiwi sits on the egg for 80 days without food. Georgie
The mother kiwi eats a lot when the male is sitting on the egg. Ethan
In Whangarei heads there used to be only 80 kiwi, but through trapping of stoats there are now more than 500. Abby

After the female has laid both eggs the father sits on the egg and she goes away and eats lots. Emma
They have signs up to warn about kiwis crossing. Reuben

The Brown Kiwi population in New Zealand is 25,000. Red and Louis
The female's voice is louder than the males Ben

The kiwi dad puts its back to he predator and kicks with its big claws. Tana
Kiwi's cross the road when they need to. Casey

- Posted by a Student in Room 6

Location:Wanaka Library

Nov 23, 2012

Congratulations to Room 4G of Eastern Hutt School

Sad to announce that the results for the Interface Awards came out at lunchtime today and we did not win. The winner was...

Best Class Blog

WINNER, Nickie Slater, Eastern Hutt School, Our Learning Journey

So check out their blog, as it is amazing!
Posted by a proud of what we have achieved Me Dyer

Nov 16, 2012

In assembly blogging

Sharing of some Passion Project work.
Art Group...

Louis, Emily, Isla and Tana with their art.

Animal group
Georgie talking about the visit by her dad, where they discussed life on a farm.

Research group
Red sharing his research about the ISS or International Space Station

Cooking Group
Kirsten, Willow and Annika sharing something they have learned.

Oh, and all the Parents and Whanau

- Posted by an impressed Mr Dyer

Location:Grand View

Skype Chat with Room 4

This morning we chatted to Room 4 from Hamilton East School and talked about the differences and the similarities between us and them. They have a zoo and live in a city, we live in the country and and the closest zoo is in Christchurch.
We talked about snow and skiing and they showed us their 180 and 360 jumps like Luca does on his skis.
We talked about pets; some were the same like cats and dogs, but some were different as we have lambs and horses and chickens.
They also Skyped us back to tell Deia that her Nan was going to come to their class and show them Danny her special dog- read Deia's Kidblog if you want to know more about Danny.

- Posted by Tana

Nov 12, 2012

A surprise in my cubby this morning

This morning I checked my cubby and found a postcard in it from Anja. We hope she is having a great time in Australia - do you think you can tell where in Australia she is?

Posted by a Mr Dyer

Nov 10, 2012

Colour Spectacular - Wanaka Dance Performance

This was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night with Emma and Isla from Room 6 dancing in Pink Cadillac, ex-room 6 members Sonya and May performing and a whole lot of past and present Hawea Flat kids taking part. Wonderful work girls, you should be very proud of yourselves!
Sorry for the low quality of images, if you have better ones please send them in and I will replace mine with yours.

- Posted by someone who can't dance

Location:Lake Wanaka Centre

Nov 9, 2012

Some visual representations about how we learn

- Posted by Mr Dyer

Location:Kane Road,,New Zealand

Images and words about HFS using the Wordfoto App

Luca and Micah used the Stone as their image

Red and Ben used the pool ( it is being filled next week)

...and the bike park

Georgie and Deia used the old wagon.

Emily and Emma chose the Skink Garden

Posted by a Student in Room 6

Nov 7, 2012

Great to hear about results from Central Athletics

This is the first event we lined up for the jump I was up I got into my position "come on " come on" "yes" I cleared it "up to 90" again I made it "95" no body jumped it this time so I was nervous... Yippee I flew over the bar it it was up to the final two- 1m then 1m1cm and 1m2cm
BANG I knocked the bar over no2 try and another BANG again I knocked It over no3 try.
So as it was just the final 2 I came second!

- Posted by Red in room 6

Location:Camp Hill Road,,New Zealand

Nov 5, 2012

Hiwi the Kiwi visits HFS

Today HFS had some visitors. Mr and Mrs Minstrel from Hiwi the Kiwi, this program helps kids learn that if we catch too many fish there won't be any more fish. Mr Minstrel said "Ok kids right now they is not as many fish in the ocean so were trying to save the fish" some kids won prizes like posters, stickers, hats and a fishing rod will go to the kid who writes the best fishing memoir.

- Posted by Imogen


Nov 3, 2012

Explaining HFS to our Quadblogging Buddies

After having a lot of questions asked by our Quad Blogging buddies the past few weeks we thought that we should take some time to look at HFS and think about what was important and special. Then we needed to think of ways that we could share the awesomeness of Hawea Flat. 
So in Pairs we made PowerPoints or Posters or Wrote Letters or made Brochures. Here are a few and there are more Power Point WMVs saved on the Quad Blogging Tag.