Jun 24, 2011

Photo Competition Results

The Five winners are...

Please go to the link below to vote for the Top photo of the five winners... voting closes on Sunday/Monday.

Even though Hawea Flat did not have a 1st place the three photos below are from Ben S, Leithen H and Jasmine M who all received highly commended in their categories and their photos will be enlarged and displayed at the exhibition in Cromwell next Tuesday. A special congratulations to these three students and a big thumbs up to all the students who entered and the teachers and parents who supported them :)

Jun 15, 2011

3500 - It looks like the Blog is working

Less than 1 year ago we were sitting on less than 150 page views, at the beginning of the year we were almost at 1,000 page views. Today we reached the 3,500 page view mark and had over 600 people look at our Blog this month alone.
Thank you to those who are viewing the blog and sharing it with your friends and whanau at home and overseas!
If there is more that you wish to see please leave a comment below.
Many thanks from Mr. Dyer and all of Room 6 :)

Jun 9, 2011

We are being watched from afar

One of the main reasons for having our classroom blog is to be able to share what is happening in Room 6 with friends and whanau who are near and far. Looking at the blog statistics over the past month this is really beginning to happen. Look at the graph below and see where our visitors have come form in the past 30 days... do you think that your family are one of the overseas visitors or do you need to send them the link?

Jun 8, 2011

Pasta Dinner

Last night I decided to make Pasta for dinner. I used pumpkin, onion, bacon, sugar, oil and pasta. For my first time I used a sharp knife. It took half an hour to prepare because it was a recipe for an 11 year old. We didn't make it with fettuccine, we made it with spiral pasta.

Fishing with Ross

Ross and I drove to the ramp, we put the boat in the water and we sped off to a special spot. I put the line in the water and twenty minutes later I caught a Brown Trout. In half an hour – Zig- the massive fish went under the boat, and then Ross scooped it up in the net because he didn’t want to lose it. One minute later Ross caught a fish.
We turned home, I drove the boat back, Ross put it in the trailer, we drove back and me and Pierson got to play.

By Leithen