Oct 30, 2012

Three days of learning for Mr Dyer

Hello there Room 6,
I know that I will see you all in the morning, but just wanted to drop you a message to let you know what I have been up to.
Over the past two days I have seen three schools and am about to head off to number 4 in a few minutes. The schools that I have been welcomed into have given me many ideas and a lot to think about, which means that I have been learning a lot.
One school had no desks and the door between the next door class is never closed - the two teachers teach their own class then each others class then both classes at once.
Another school only two years old and their pods were the size of three classes, had three teachers and 65 children and everyone was so engaged - they even had bean bags in the staff room.
I will tell you more when I see you all tomorrow, but here are a few photos to give you an idea.
Enjoy your Tuesday

- Posted by Mr Dyer drinking a coffee and reflecting on what I have seen


Oct 26, 2012

Pea plant update

We moved the planting to get more sunlight and it has been a week and a day. We have watered it, but only just enough, and the beginning of a seedling is poking through.
Maybe by the end of the weekend we will see a lot more?

Here is a question for you to ponder... If the peas were planted 8 days ago and the camera has taken 1 photo every 2 and a half hours, how many photos have been taken so far?

- Posted by Reuben

Location:By a sunny window

Awesome treat from Emma for Halloween

Mum and I decided to make ghost cupcakes since it was Halloween. Making the marshmallow ghost was difficult because it was to runny so we had to put it in the fridge and then wait for it to set before we could use the mixture.

- Posted by Emma

Location:Classroom at Snack Attack (eating ghosts is a healthy snack)

Oct 25, 2012

A spectacular day at Upper Clutha Athletics

It was an amazing day at athletics and here are some photos... we will have to wait until tomorrow to see more photos, hear the stories and make captions for what happened   Feel free to begin the comments by posting a comment below.
Big thanks to Mrs Jury and Palmer for the camera work and to Mrs Schofield for emailing in some photos.

Oct 24, 2012

A selection of today's writing

Oct 23, 2012

A unexpected treat

We were surprised when this 1900 Wolseley pulled into the car park. It is the only one of its configuration left in the world, has a top speed of 40kmph on flat ground and took 5 days to travel from Dunedin to Mt Cook (3 1/2 hours in a modern car).
The car is owned by Brian's grandad and had been in Arrowtown to help with the celebrations.

- Posted by Mr Dyer in awe

Location:Car park at school

Oct 18, 2012

Pea Project

We Planted pea seeds and put a stop motion camera over and are taking a photo every two and a half hours. Where going to water them every day to help the pea seeds grow.
How long will they take to grow?
How tall will they grow?
Is the temperature in e classroom correct?
Will they grow inside where there is no direct sunlight?
Will they even grow?
Maybe the electricity could effect the growth?
Will we see them grow with the camera?

It will take 10 photos a day... Is that enough, or should we take more?

...after a bit of a discussion we are changing to one photo an hour.

Posted by Georgie and Photos by Luca

Location:Back of the Classroom

Oct 17, 2012

Junior Nationals

- Posted by Luca

The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman

This was our shared book for Snack Attack today.  It evoked detailed discussions and we had to record them down to share.  If you have not read the book please do as the creativity of Neil Gaiman's writing is completely out of the square and Dave McKean is an excellent illustrator. 
One of us suggested that a sequel might be 'Wolves in the Interactive Whiteboard' set in a classroom like ours.
More thoughts to come as we were trying to think of a question that we could ask the author if we had an opportunity.

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Oct 16, 2012

Sprint Training with Bill

Foot on the line ,other foot behind,front foot half way beside back foot,now which ever foot is behind is swapped for the knee of that leg. then place your hands sideways on the tips of your fingers just being the line. On your marks, get set and go.

- Posted by a Ethan

Location:Makeshift track beside the field development

Oct 15, 2012

This just in...

Congratulations to Luca ' Huck' Harrington - New Zealand National Overall Freeski Champion
A name to watch in the future for Free Skiing not just in New Zealand, but all around the world!  Great work Luca, we are really proud of you and what you have achieved.  
See you back tomorrow once Spring Training is over.

Athletics next week... Time to get ready

- Action photos taken by kids using the amazing iPad

Location:On the part of the field not being developed

Holiday Roadtrip

Stopping at the Haast Pass on our way to Franz Joseph by a big water fall. Since Arthur's Pass was shut we went over the Lewis Pass and stopped at some mountains and Mum found a walk leading to a little lake which had a photograph platform.

- Posted Emma P

Location:West Coast of the South Island

Oct 12, 2012

Postcard Arrived Today

It was great to receive a Postcard today from Isla H who has been in Noosa, Australia. There is truly something special about receiving mail from the postman that is not a bill :)

Oct 10, 2012

While Hawea had rain and snow Emily and Puddle were...

Hot sun, coconut trees, four posh hotels and endless winds - that is Aitutaki.
French toast from the kuru cafe everyday for breakfast, salami sandwich on the kite surfing Island for lunch and fish and chips or burger and chips for diner.
Snorkeling with little blue fish, giant clams under my flippers and chuncks of corral beside the clams.
10 days of paradise.

Emily  P

- Posted by Mr Dyer who is waiting until Monday for Emily to make comments about each image

Oct 9, 2012

Urgent! Tell your friends!

Follow the link and 'like' this photo. There are only 30 photos in the competition and we have 4 entries, but if we are not careful we will spread our votes and not win.
After a day of votes the photo of Isla at Snow Park has the most likes, so like that one too, and tell friends to like it too, and maybe we will be lucky and win another iPad.

You can do it!


- Posted by Mr Dyer with his fingers crossed

Mathletics for the iPad

Great news, Mathletics is now available for the iPad.
Free to download from the App store and you just need to use you classroom login to access.
Give it a go, I did and had a lot of fun.

- Posted by a Mr Dyer in class during the holidays

Oct 8, 2012

Luca 'Huck' Harrington Wins Junior Nationals (But I need confirmation)

Now I have been told from good sources that this is true... but hard to find out from the net and don't want to wait until the Wanaka Sun comes out to confirm.

Snow Sports New Zealand (http://www.snowsports.co.nz/)  tells me that...'Huck Harrington stamped his mark on the competition with a 540 to switch 180.'

I also see Reuben's name in the mix.  Please tell us more with an email or a comment and photo or 3 would be lovely.

Enjoy the second week of the holidays

Mr Dyer

Oct 3, 2012

While the kids are away the diggers will play

Well it looks like the field development is well on its way! Can't wait for the first game of football or cricket on the lush grass that we will get!

- Posted by a relaxed on holiday and in gardening mode Mr Dyer

Location:Camp Hill Rd,Hawea Flat,New Zealand