Jun 24, 2013


Just a quick challenge, which does not count as homework, just fun. 
This afternoon I was Minecrafted (Unsure if this is a word, but I am using it anyway) by Monty and that made me wonder who else is Minecrafting out there and who has something to share?
So take your screen shots and email them to me and we will post them here.  I wonder how creative we can be? Will it be an object? Will it be a person? Will it be a whole building or even the school?
Get crafting.
Mr. Dyer
MineCraft Mr Dyer by Monty

Elliot's Amazing Snow Creation

Corin and his brothers James and Joel created a Snowwoman.

Wow!!! That is a sfantastic Snow-woman.  I wonder if the igloo below is Karhu's new home?

Jun 22, 2013

Mackenzie and Henry in a professional looking snowcave

Fiona has more fun in the snow

Louis's German Holiday Hoemwork

We have seen his wonderful Snowman and you can check out his kidblog for photos from Singapore, but here is an email that he has sent us of some Mathematics about cars.

Dear Mr Dyer and Room 6,
We biked from Germany to Switzerland this evening, for a homework project.
We went to a second hand car sales yard and counted 12 mercedes, 12 audis, 12 bmw, and 3 porsches.
There were many other cars there, such as ford mustang gts, Fr 61,000!!!
The object of the exercise was to figure out how much money there was in the car yard and to look at averages.
I have also shared a google doc with you of the spreadsheet I made.
From Louis

Jun 14, 2013

Big Sad Wolf

Great way to finish a production week with a visit from the Playhouse.

-posted by Mr D

Lego, Everest

Finn T made an awesome recreation of Tenzing and Ed's summiting of Mt Everest.

-posted by Mr D

Jun 7, 2013

Change in costume

Hello there Mums and Dads of room 6, 
it has been a crazy busy week and the kids have been super focused in preparation for the show. I heard that Thursday is already sold out and Wednesday is selling quick, so if you do not have a ticket yet then you need to get a wriggle on. 

There is a slight change in costume after having a dress rehearsal today - black leggings and black long sleeve top with a colourful beanie. No shorts, no T-shirt and no strips or colours. Reason for the change is that as many of the class have more than one role in the production we need to make them dress in a flexible manor - the hat will indicate the costume and the costume change rather than the costume. 
Really sorry for the late change,

Jun 3, 2013

New Zealand School Time Lapse Project

Included in this clip are more than 13 schools from around New Zealand and it is all filmed by students.  Some of Room 6 filmed a few segments and if you pay attention you will see inside Rooms 3, 5 & 6 as well as the bus and in the playground.