May 10, 2009

Famous New Zealander... or New Zealanders

As we are looking at the Arts this term I thnk it would be interesting to look at some of the Famous New Zealanders who have become famous in the Arts. There are many New Zealanders who are making a lot of money over in Hollywood and we even have a New Zealand actor in the New Star Trek movie. So I have made a list of some famous New Zealand actors and singers but there are many, many more.
Lets see what you can discover about them...

A Very short list:
Peter Jackson
Karl Urban
Anna Paquin
Temuera Morrison
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
Phil Keoghan

Character Descriptions

We read a short description of a woman nemed Mrs. Pratchett written by Roald Dahl. We liked it so much that we tried to quickly sketch her and then wrote our own descriptions in the style of Roald Dahl.
His name was Rhino. He was a fast, friendly, fit, reddish brown dog and very brave and as strong as a lion. He never bites.
His name was Toby Henry. He was a small, healthy, athlete with a smile on his face and shoulders as broad as Jesse Riders.
Her name was Meg. She was a small, skinny, busy lady who has a wide smile. She always helps.
His name is Oscar Suddaby. He is a strong, fast, disobedient goat with floppy ears. He is a Boer.

Two reviews of 'Tale of the Dog' from the Festival of Colour

Tale of the Dog

Five Stars

Dog loved bones a lot! Every day he kept on trying to steal bones, every night he dreamt about bones flying through the sky.

When Dog when up and down on the acrobat swing how did he hold on?


Tale of the Dog

Five Stars

Get ready for an amazing show. The woman will make you be glued to your seat and the dog will probably make you fly out of your seat. Make sure the ring master doesn’t fall off the swing.