Jun 29, 2012

Jun 25, 2012

How to make Scrambled Eggs Imogen Style

I must say that I am quite chuffed to see all the amazing homework that is coming into class at the moment.  This is another great, and delicious, example from Imogen.

Jun 21, 2012

Preparation for tomorrows miners village

To help plan our costumes we needed to do a bit of visualisation.  Here are our ideas for what our costumes could be.

A movie of our trip to Bendigo

Only a week and a half until homework is due

Only 7 more days until homework is due in and there have been some wonderful examples of homework coming to class each day. Josh presented a current event about a tight rope walker in America and he is now one point of getting a Gold award. Eliza has create a neat mini poster about life on her farm which you can see below. Sorry Eliza, the picture of Tilly did not come out very clear.

Jun 18, 2012

A couple of Lego movies made by Ryan

This is a great work through of basic Area and Perimeter

This is an excellent video revisiting area and perimeter.  If you still have a question or two have a watch and see if it helps you with your understandings.

A frosty begining to the day inspired some writing

Walking on the dewy wet grass I feel the slippery ice, white patches of snow, and hard leaves.
I hear the sweet soft sound of birds.
I see white air coming out of mouths, warm cloths being worn and even teachers.
Powder on the mountains makes everyone want to ski or snowboard.
Drips of water fall off of trees like pinecones.
Hard hail hits roofs with a tick.
Plants get cold and start to change colour.
Birds fly into trees for shelter.
By Luca

Frosty Morning

Cold breeze flies through the air clogging up noses
The frost freezing water into ice
Frost verses cold breeze
Battles night and day
The old wooden ramp has had its best years
But winter is its biggest threat - Freezing it to death

BY Josh 

Jun 11, 2012

The best comic I have read in years

Raising Funds for iPads

Since this Movie was made last Thursday we have had the addition of $350 from the Pumpkin Soup and Cheese Roll lunch on Friday and a donation of $200 from a family who was shocked and saddened to hear of our robbery last week.
Thank you to all students and families who are helping us work towards our goal of 10 iPads.  I think that we need to send this video and a letter or two to a few companies :)
(It needs a little bit of editing, but all kids ideas and created in 25 minutes from start to finish)

Some amazing non-fiction writing about gold

Photos of Bendigo Trip

...hmmm, Where have all the posts been for the past two weeks?

To all the followers of the Room 6 Blog,
I must apologise for the lack of postings in the past two weeks.  We have been doing things, well actually quite a lot of things, and I for see this week being a week that is full of current and past postings to catch everything up.
Thank you for being patient.
Mr Dyer