May 19, 2010

The Old Fort

The old torn cargo net is fun to climb on and the metal bars hold it steady in the ground with the chipped paint that needs a new coat!
The wooden rafters, covered in bird poo and names, hold the corrugated iron roof, with no gutter, up.
The red slide is skid marked from all the shoes and boots that have skidded down the curvy red slide.
The rainbow tires are piled up on each other, entering the 2nd floor of the wooden fort.
The slippery, sliver fire mans pole has skid marks also, but these marks are from peoples hands.

By Oban Hansen

The old rope net waiting for the bell to ring.
The wooden plank’s rusty sound makes me want to block my ears, but I’ll fall.
The yellow sun colored slide takes the joy out of the playground.
Wind blowing the yellow painted playground.

By Lily Roberts


  1. When it is raining do you know why the water doesn't hit you when you are standing in the space behind the fireman's pole?
    By Hamish

  2. I love the two storys about the old fort


  3. I LOL when i hear the first sentance ha ha............
    very well writen sentances....


  4. the storys were grat.
    by Makayla