Mar 10, 2011

e-Central Photo Competition

Other schools were so impressed with Room 6's photo taking last term that they all want to have a go this term. We will be trying to use digital cameras in class this term, but the best photos taken are ones that you take at home. There are not a lot of rules (The rule list is available to be downloaded by following the link in the tool bar), but it is essential that all the photos are planned by and taken by students.
For Year 3 and 4 there are three categories
-My Pet or My Toy
-Open Category
-Digitally Altered Photos
Please come and see me if you have any questions.


  1. I cant wait until the photo competition starts.
    By Indigo

  2. Indigo,
    the photo competition has begun already! Click on the photo of Kirsten in the tool bar and it will take you to the competition rules, read them carefully and then you can begin taking photos every where you go :)
    Mr Dyer

  3. Hey Room 6,
    Megan and I have done some pretty cool photos, but i don't know if Libby has sent them in. I like the one of Kirsten and Isla because i think it is awsome that the way Megan has done it.