May 16, 2011

Kite Surfing Experts visit Room 6

Andrew and Sarah came to talk to us about Kite Boarding... here are twenty things from the top of our head, some photos and a YouTube clip of a new use for kites.

1. You have to blow up the kite.

2. Kite boarding is a fun way to use wind.

3. It can be very dangerous

4. When it is really windy you need a smaller kite.

5. Don’t kite board around dangerous objects like rocks, trees, cliffs, hills and other things that will change the wind.

6. When it is not that windy use a bigger kite.

7. We learned how to blow up a kite.

8. You can go on snow, sea and land with a kite, but you need a different type of board for each surface.

9. If the kite is too big and there is a strong wind it will puss you too fast

10. It takes a long time to learn how to do tricks.

11. The first trick is to learn how to jump.

12. You need to use a harness.

13. When you are learning you need to wear a helmet and life jacket and have a safety strap.

14. Kites can pull boats if they are big enough.

15. When you are kite boarding you start off in the water.

16. When you are learning you need to be in shallow water.

17. It is dangerous to surf in rivers and creeks.

18. If there are sticks or rocks in you path you need to stop or jump over them.

19. If you want to stop you need to pull the kite over your head.

20. To kite surf you first need to learn to body drag. Body dragging is using a harness and a kite, but no board.


  1. i think that the experts did really well
    and they pumped up a kite
    willow s

  2. I think it s very cool and it s a great way to save fuel

    Hamish E