Jun 18, 2012

A frosty begining to the day inspired some writing

Walking on the dewy wet grass I feel the slippery ice, white patches of snow, and hard leaves.
I hear the sweet soft sound of birds.
I see white air coming out of mouths, warm cloths being worn and even teachers.
Powder on the mountains makes everyone want to ski or snowboard.
Drips of water fall off of trees like pinecones.
Hard hail hits roofs with a tick.
Plants get cold and start to change colour.
Birds fly into trees for shelter.
By Luca

Frosty Morning

Cold breeze flies through the air clogging up noses
The frost freezing water into ice
Frost verses cold breeze
Battles night and day
The old wooden ramp has had its best years
But winter is its biggest threat - Freezing it to death

BY Josh 

1 comment:

  1. Well done Josh - this a fantastic poem. You use some very clever descriptions and comparisons that really bring the sense of cold and winter right into the reader's mind - I am glad I was by the fire when I read it to keep me warm! You obviously have some very talented poets in your class Mr Dyer :) Thankyou for sharing this with us on your blog.