Jul 19, 2012

What we know now

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  1. Room 16 and Annie are your new blogging buddies. We look forward to leaving you comments on your fantastic blog. You might like to leave us comments as well.
    Wow! Great Olympic Wordl. How did you make your Wordl into the Olympic Rings. Can you let us know?
    We would love to do this too.

  2. Wow! Great Olympic Wordl. We would love to know how you made that shape. We know how to do ordinary ones so would love to one in the shape of the rings.
    Annie and Room 16 want tobe your blogging buddies and add regular comments on your blog. You have a great blog and we can see you have been doing heaps on the Olympic Games. Your flag posters look great too. We look forward to reading about your learning and making comments throughout the year. Have a great weekend guys.