Sep 26, 2012

Tek Rush 2012 ICT Kid Conference

Today I had the privilege of attending a conference in Cromwell. I have attended a lot of conferences as a learner, choosing workshops, listening to Key note speakers and taking what I have learned back to my class to take further with my students.
Today's difference was that I was presenting and it was not a conference for teachers, but a conference for selected Year 5 and 7 students.
These students had to apply for the opportunity to attend Tek Rush. The reason for it being Year 5 and 7 was because they will have the chance to give back next year to the school. I had the tricky job of choosing the lucky 7 from Hawea Flat and all have promised to share what they have learned with their families, classes and the whole school.
This blog is for Room 6 to share our learning and experiences. Today all the Hawea students that went to Tek Rush were ex-room 6 members and of the 12 Year 7 students from MAC four, once upon the time, were Room 6 students too, although it was quite a long time ago.
So thank you students of Tek Rush for the opportunity to be part of today and I look forward to seeing how you give back what you have learned.

- Posted by Mr Dyer

Ps: Year 4 kids it is your chance next year.


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