May 10, 2009

Famous New Zealander... or New Zealanders

As we are looking at the Arts this term I thnk it would be interesting to look at some of the Famous New Zealanders who have become famous in the Arts. There are many New Zealanders who are making a lot of money over in Hollywood and we even have a New Zealand actor in the New Star Trek movie. So I have made a list of some famous New Zealand actors and singers but there are many, many more.
Lets see what you can discover about them...

A Very short list:
Peter Jackson
Karl Urban
Anna Paquin
Temuera Morrison
Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
Phil Keoghan


    Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement make up the comedy duo Flight of the Concords. They came from Wellington where they were frends and decided to go to America to become famous. they have won a Grammy award and lots of other awards or their comedy and music.

  2. Peter Jackson has a friend called Richard Taylor. Richard made all the people, goblins, armour, knights, swords, and the special effects for the movie The Lord of the Rings. He made all these things in Wellington in a place called Weta Workshop. During the film he made thousands of ears and feet and eyes for the movie. He also made some remote controlled monstors and goblins
    Hamish E

  3. Since we are learning about famous artists around the world, I want to tell you about my cousin Marla. She lives in New York and is a famous painter. Her paintings sell for thousands of bucks. She has her own web site. The person who bought one of her first paitings found a winney the pooh sticker on the back. Marla is only 8 years old!! Have a look at her work.

    Ben H

  4. Ben, I have just been looking through Marla's Web Site and I am amazed at the art that she has created. Her use of colour and brush strokes makes her paintings look so amazing. What a special and tallented girl to be able to achieve that by the age of 8!
    Mr Dyer

  5. John Rowles is a famous New Zealand singer and wrote a couple of songs, they are absolutly brilliant. He does lots of concerts. He has performanced sone dances for himself.
    By Andrew

  6. Peter Jackson is a famous New Zealander because he makes movies. He made movies in New Zealand on a small budget then over seas saw him so then he made movies overseas and he made lots of money. He was born in Wellington. He loves all the old war planes. He made Lord of the Rings.