Mar 10, 2010

Sailing at Camp

“Where is the wind coming from” I say to my self in frustration, pulling back I duck my head and slide to the other side. A sudden gush of wind blows in to my sail and pushes my hair “Pull the sail” shouts a voice over the wind. Reaching back with my free hand, the water bails in as I cut through the waves at great speed, passing bashful and dopey for the third time I smile look over to mum as she passes me .Turning around at the boy the wind suddenly drops and I’m left floating there a massive wave rooks me back and fords. “Can you tow me?“I shout back at them throwing over my rope I see Hamish and Jesse are all ready hooked up.

By Breagha


  1. The boats have funny names.
    I wonder if there were other boats called sleepy, happy, doc, grumpy and sneezy. What was the name of your boat?
    Did you hit any other boats, or did you avoid them all?
    It sounds quite fun. I can not wait until I go on camp next year.

    By Hamish

  2. I got stuck as well for about an hour, but the motor boat kept coming past and i slowly drifted
    to shore. Everyone kept jumping out and getting into another. My boat was called sleepy and it was very s-l-o-w!

    By Oban

  3. sailing was really fun I had a go at the topers. they were really fast that was my highlight of saling. by Finn

  4. Nice story Oban,interesting to
    By Megan