Mar 10, 2010

Show Art

We have been making Show Art and we made self portrait collages. First we printed out a Picture of our self then we stuck it face up on a piece of paper and sketched it out on the window.

Then we ripped colours out of magazines and stuck them on to the parts of our head and t shirt with PVA glue.

After we had done that we got to choose a colour out of pink, purple or yellow and same as our face and t shirt. We stuck them on as the background.

After we had let the glue dry we ether found mouth eyes and ears or cut them out from our photo or in a magazine and stuck them on to complete our portrait.

Check out our art at the A and P show on Saturday.

By Hamish


  1. awesome article Hamish - love your summary of the process from Mark

  2. It was really fun art. It was cool to see them that the A&P show. By Makayla

  3. I had a great and long time cearting mine and was so happy to see them at the A&P SHOW
    by Millie