Nov 10, 2010

A Few Days out of the Classroom

It may seem that I have been a bit absent this week so far, but I have been here I promise! Monday and Tuesday were spent under the guidance of Gail Loane, our writing specialist, who came, talked, advised, observed, discusses, reflected and left the teaching staff with things to learn, goals to fulfill and an a load of wonderings.

On Tuesday Gail observed a writing lesson that I taught, where we used James K Baxters poem 'The Town' as a model and then crafted our own poems about places that are special to us. As we complete, edit and publish these poems they will grace cyberspace on the blog to be read by all.

And today I was out of the class, released for testing, in preparation for reports and portfolios that will be written over the next few weeks.

So keep your eyes open for our poetry in this space and I must give a big thanks to Jude and Tash who have taken over the bike park duties over the last few days. The students and the teachers really appreciate all the time that you give.

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