Nov 2, 2010

The Photo Competition... next generation

With such an amazing response to the Photo Competition, 25 entries for the final last week, that was won unanimously by Rory's war zone photo I was thinking how we could take this type of competition to a different level, something that is a bit more futuristic and involves a lot of new skills to be learned by your parents.

There are now two different competitions, you can enter either or both.

1. Photo Competition with the topic of "Action Weekend"


2. Pivot Stick 20 second movie
-Watch the You-tube clip below and download the free program 'Pivot Stick' from the link opposite. Your clip needs to be from 10 - 20 seconds long and can be any action of your choice (dance, sport, etc...). Remember the more time spent on your creation and the more small movements you make the smoother your animation will be.

We have three weeks to complete this challenge and the due date is Friday the 20th of November. Email me your entries or bring them in on a data stick if the files are too big.

Good Luck and I look forward to seeing your creations.

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