Apr 26, 2012

Creating our own Power Point slide shows about how to make ANZAC cookies

Sorry I can't add them all as there are 11 and that takes a long time to upload to Youtube.
They have been a great learning experience as not many of the kids had used Power Point before.
The skills that they have been developing are...
-Co-operation skills
-Presentation skills
-ICT skills (Photo manipulation)
...and a whole lot more
Well maybe I will add them all :)


  1. Wow Room 6! The bicuits look yummy and the powerpoints are fantastic, well done!

  2. Hi. Mr Dyer, it's me. I remembered that I really enjoyed making the ANZAC cookies and making a slide show about how to make them. We hardly ever get to bake at school and now I suddenly remember how fun it was baking ANZAC cookies. From the person who thinks you are beautiful (Emily Prout)