Nov 16, 2012

In assembly blogging

Sharing of some Passion Project work.
Art Group...

Louis, Emily, Isla and Tana with their art.

Animal group
Georgie talking about the visit by her dad, where they discussed life on a farm.

Research group
Red sharing his research about the ISS or International Space Station

Cooking Group
Kirsten, Willow and Annika sharing something they have learned.

Oh, and all the Parents and Whanau

- Posted by an impressed Mr Dyer

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  1. Hi!
    we just had a look through all of your photos. You've done some amazing, fun things this year. We liked the look of your pirate day, snow skiing, mini olympics and your whole school photo.

    There are over 800 children in our school and 122 children in our year level. How many children go to your school? Does it snow where you live. Today it is going to be 28 degrees C. We are going to swimming lessons in about 5 minutes. We like swimming!

    from 2V@apollo

    1. Hello there,
      It snowed on the hills over the weekend, but is nice and sunny now. It is 13.5C now at 12 O'Çlock and should each 20C by the hottest part of the day.
      We have 159 kids in our whole school that runs from year 1 - year 6. We will be swimming in three weeks, but it will be indoor swimming, as it is still to cold to swim outside - will you swim outside?
      How many classes and how many teachers do you have in your whole school - we have 7 classes and 8 teachers.
      Lovely to hear your comments as we enjoy reading them
      Room 6 HFS

  2. Looked like a lot of fun.

  3. your scool is soooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  4. Passion Projects are really fun.I'm in the cooking group we've learnt lots of tecnecs and ways to present.