Nov 16, 2012

Skype Chat with Room 4

This morning we chatted to Room 4 from Hamilton East School and talked about the differences and the similarities between us and them. They have a zoo and live in a city, we live in the country and and the closest zoo is in Christchurch.
We talked about snow and skiing and they showed us their 180 and 360 jumps like Luca does on his skis.
We talked about pets; some were the same like cats and dogs, but some were different as we have lambs and horses and chickens.
They also Skyped us back to tell Deia that her Nan was going to come to their class and show them Danny her special dog- read Deia's Kidblog if you want to know more about Danny.

- Posted by Tana


  1. Hello Mr Dyers class!
    I am Deia’s Nana, Emma.
    On Friday I went to Hamilton East School and met some of the New Entrants class with Danny the “Assistance dog.” We enjoyed meeting the children. Some gave Danny some special doggy food treats that he is allowed to eat. Another student gently brushed him and nearly all the class stroked or patted him on his back.
    What a lovely class you all have. You seem to work hard and have fun!
    Love from Emma and Danny the dog.

  2. Hi Tana,
    It sounded like you and your class had a great time chatting to Room Four from Hamilton East School. Did you know that we such as Pt England don;t use Skype. Your Blogpost gave me a new ideal!!.

    Make sure to write more!!!.