Apr 15, 2013

Gavin Bishop at Hawea Flat School

Sorry about the audio on the clip, but it was really windy :(



  1. Hi Room 6
    I love Gavin Bishop's books - my favourite is The House that Jack built because I recognise the story and I love how he has made it in to a New Zealand story.

    What are your favourite Gavin Bishop books?

    From Miss Lyall

    1. I too love all of Gavin Bishop's books, but my two favourites are Bidibidi, as I loved reading it to both my daughters when they were wee and Piano Rock, as I use his memories of childhood as models of writing... "Sometime, but not often, on a Saturday morning..."
      Bidibidi was signed many, many years ago, but now I have my own copy of Piano Rock signed and dog eared from use.
      I will get the kids to reply after the holidays.
      Mr D