Apr 16, 2013

Ivy: A fantastic show

Today we traveled to the Lake Wanaka Center and we saw a show about a Cleaner who was secretly a paleontologist ( Studies Dinosaurs) and also a Time Traveler.  The show was called Ivy and she travelled back in time to try and save the dinosaurs from the meteorite that caused their extinction.  Along the way she met Neil Armstrong, Galileo, Guy Fawkes and some dinosaurs.
By Louis

The smoke machine smelled like maple syrup and helped us tho think that she was travelling back in time.

The stage was set out with a lot of olden day items and my favourite prop was the huge telescope that belonged to Galileo, the father of modern Science.

Ivy was trying to save the dinosaurs. She was a good actor and used her voice to show her feelings and she moved all around the stage. I think it would be a great show for people who like dinosaurs.

It was a really interesting show because it had a lot of sound effects; in the dinosaur part there were different sounds and noises for each of the dinosaurs - you could not see the dinosaur, but knew what type it was by the sound.

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