Jun 24, 2013


Just a quick challenge, which does not count as homework, just fun. 
This afternoon I was Minecrafted (Unsure if this is a word, but I am using it anyway) by Monty and that made me wonder who else is Minecrafting out there and who has something to share?
So take your screen shots and email them to me and we will post them here.  I wonder how creative we can be? Will it be an object? Will it be a person? Will it be a whole building or even the school?
Get crafting.
Mr. Dyer
MineCraft Mr Dyer by Monty


  1. Hi, i'm Teva Tait from parkvale school.
    I like that idea!
    I might Minecraft-ify (Still, not sure if that is a word either.) my teacher!

    -http://prideteva.blogspot.co.nz/ <-- My blog

  2. Hi, I like playing Minecraft, but I have never tried building a person. I am looking forward to trying it.

  3. Hi,I like playing Minecraft but my brothers Love it so much. I will show this post to them. Thankyou