Jun 22, 2013

Louis's German Holiday Hoemwork

We have seen his wonderful Snowman and you can check out his kidblog for photos from Singapore, but here is an email that he has sent us of some Mathematics about cars.

Dear Mr Dyer and Room 6,
We biked from Germany to Switzerland this evening, for a homework project.
We went to a second hand car sales yard and counted 12 mercedes, 12 audis, 12 bmw, and 3 porsches.
There were many other cars there, such as ford mustang gts, Fr 61,000!!!
The object of the exercise was to figure out how much money there was in the car yard and to look at averages.
I have also shared a google doc with you of the spreadsheet I made.
From Louis

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  1. Louis,
    we shared the post for news this morning and many of the class were amazed that you rode from Switzerland to Germany (Remember the closest country to us in NZ is Australia) and the rest of the class were drooling over the cars.
    Did you work out if you could afford to buy one?
    Mr Dyer