Oct 22, 2010

Google Earth Challenge

Hello there, yesterday we looked at finding places on Google Earth just from having the Grid References. I have taken several photos off Google Earth and it is your challenge to try to find them by using the grid references shown at the bottom of the photo and the directional arrow and zoom function on Google Earth.
I have also included a link to the place that you download Google Earth for free, so you can use it at home and share it with your friends and whanau.
Good Luck

Ps: Click on the photos to see them larger so that you can read the grid references easier.
The competition may have been won by Oban, but you are still able to try the challenge and there will be a reward/prize type thing for all correct entries :)


  1. what is your e-mail?


  2. Sorry Oban and all others... you can email me at lukekendyer@gmail.com or luked@haweaflat.schoolzone.net.nz

  3. .and the competition was won by Oban, but there still may be a treat for those who can answer the locations of the 5 photos.

  4. ...and I must add that Hannah has supplied a complete set of answers as well! Great work to Hannah and Oban...does anyone else want to see if they can complete the task...