Oct 10, 2010

Some 'Fan' footage of Term 3's music performance

Through the wonder of modern technology we have a way to share the Term 3 Band's one night only show. A big thank you to to the camera lady for such steady footage and taking the initiative to share it with me, so I can share it with you all.
See you tomorrow for an exciting new term
Mr Dyer :)
PS: Feel free to share our blog with family and friends overseas, and get them to post their thoughts and comments on our work.


  1. Cory, Nicki, Connor & Jake DyerOctober 10, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Wow what a talented bunch of young people!! keep up the good work :0)

  2. I love this video clip. It's good because everyone is concentrating so hard like Rosie talked about at the start of the lessons. It sounds really good too. I am going to post a link to my grandparents in England so they can see and hear it too.
    By Hannah

  3. I agree with your comments Hannah, everyone was concentrating very hard and your perfect timing helped everyone else keep time. I am glad that you are going to send your Grandparents the link to the blog, as I am sure that they would love to see what you get up to at school in New Zealand.