Oct 29, 2010

Cycle Safety Skills with Community Constable Phil

On Thursday we had a theory lesson with Constable Phil and learned about road safety. We decided that the 10 most important road rules for us were:

TOP 10 of Bike and Road Safety

1. Don’t walk on the road

2. Look out for cars and pedestrians.

3. Have to be 10 years or older to ride on the road.

4. When crossing road, take one step back before checking to see if there are cars.

5. Make sure your Helmet is fitted safely and clicked when you ride.

6. Wear Sensible Clothing (Good Shoes and high visibility clothing)

7. Face oncoming traffic when walking down the road.

8. On a verge, walk in single file from shortest to tallest.

9. Check your bike regularly(Keep your Tires pumped, clean your bike and oil your chain)

10. Use lights at night and have reflectors on your bike.

Today we have been learning about how to check that our bike is safe, hand coordination and bike skills. Dave, Hamish and Kirsty checked our bikes while Constable Phil and Constable Mike taught us cycle safety. We practiced going around cones and did activities to improve our skills and balance.

Activities included…

1. Slow races.

2. Obstacle courses.

3. Quick turning in tight corners.

4. Hand signals.

5. Traveling in lines in circles and figure eights.

Next week Constable Phil will come back and we will be learning about how to ride on the road safely.

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