Feb 22, 2013

Grass to the Glass - Milk

Our new inquiry 'Grass to the Glass' began today with the class trying to record what they new about the process in the form of a flow chart, spider web or bullet points.
We discovered we had some great language like digest and udder, but we also found out that we had a lot more wondering than we had knowledge.

YouTube Video

Some of the interesting questions were...
1. Do you get Chocolate milk from a brown cow or by feeding a cow chocolate not grass? (this was a joke, but how do you get chocolate milk and is banana milk from cows that are fed bananas?)
2. What is the difference between all the different type of milk? And who makes them different and why?
3. What happens at the factory to the milk?
4. Can we buy milk at the dairy farm gate?

- Posted by a Student in Room 6


  1. Hi Room 6 - What Moovellous Questions! We have heard about your inquiry and we are sending someone from our team to visit Mr Dyer next week. We hope that we can help you out with a few connections to a bunch of stuff that will help answer your questions.

    In the meantime check out www.rosiesworld.co.nz and perhaps talk to Mr Dyer about signing on for Rosie's Mission (at GoDairy Education) to help answer some of those questions.

    Are there any dairy farms near where you live? Do you know any farmers? Is there a calf day at your school?

  2. To Room 6,
    You made me laugh with your joke about how we get chocolate milk.
    Learning about the dairy industry is lots of fun we did it last year and this year we had a visit from Rosie the Dairy NZ cow it was a moovellous show.
    It looks as though you have already started thinking about how milk is made and some of the vocabulary like udder. Do you know how many stomaches a cow has and they different jobs they have?
    One thing I really liked that helped me remember about what happens to milk when it goes to a dairy factory is that the milk is pasteurised this is when it is heated up and cooled back down REALLY fast so quickly it is like a flash whooshing past your eyes (get it pasteurised - past your eyes). I hope this helps you guys remember it too.
    I look forward to seeing what more you learn about the dairy industry Room 6.
    From Mrs Head
    Vardon School
    Hamilton. NZ