Feb 25, 2013

Hello there to Quad 100

Hello to our new Quad-Blogging buddies from Dunedin and the UK,
We thought that we could try and tell you a bit about our school.
 Our School is Awesome Because...

  • We have a Cricket pitch.
  • We have a bike park.
  • We have a swimming pool.
  • We have lots of space.
  • We have two play grounds.
  • We have a new tennis court.
  • We have an Interactive White Board in some classes.
  • We have nice teachers and fantastic Kids.
  • We have not got too many people.
  • There is a lake really close to us.
  • We do not need to wear a uniform.
  • We go on heaps of field trips.
  • We have a caretaker called Doug, who is also the local Fire Chief.
  • We have monkey bars.
  • We are awesome writers.
  • We have a whole lot of instruments like Ukuleles and Drums.
  • We all do lots of sports.
  • We all get to learn to swim.
  • and...
                                     ...we get to go skiing in Winter!


  1. Your blog looks brilliant: looking forward to exploring it more shortly!

    Mr. Tomkins. (Teacher at North Nibley)

  2. How many kids are in your school? There are around 100 in ours.

    Ari and Millie (North Nibley)

  3. your school sounds very cool we wish we had a swimming pool.

    millie and ari

  4. This is an amazing blog. It has so many pictures and facts about your school. I am looking forward to commenting on this brilliant blog again.

    Poppy and Rosie (North Nibley)

  5. Cool blog, hope you have fun going skiing.

    Alistair and Ella (UK)

  6. Your school is epic!

    Can we see a picture of you skiing. Your school looks fun.

    We are wondering how many people are at your school?

  7. Your school sounds great.


  8. Great blog...keep on going.

    Bethan and Philip (North Nibley, UK)

  9. Your blog is very cool and we think that it's brilliant that you don't need to where school uniform!

    Our school has to wear school uniform!

    We have an interactive whiteboard...snap!

    Holly, Amy and William (Yr3,4 at North Nibley)

  10. It doesn't seem fair that you don't have to wear uniform!

    I wish we had the waether to ski here!

    In summer do you play in fields?

    Poppy and Rosie (Yr 3 & 4, UK)

  11. What time do you start and end school each day?

    Jamie and Harvey (Yr 4, North Nibley, UK)

  12. Rosie North Nibley UK. You have a great school.