Feb 7, 2013

Hundertwasser: Self Portraits


  1. Very cool self portraits!!! I love the Hunterwasser style! The toilets in KawaKawa are well worth a visit if you are up that way! :) First time I have ever taken photos of toilets! Hmm - maybe second - the toilets at Puzzling world are worth a photo too! What a fabulous start to the year with your portraits!
    Anne K

  2. Love them. Will share them with my class. Have just started putting ours up on the wall- which I guess is going to make taking photos of them hard! Children loved doing them.

  3. Wonderful Art - great way to start the new School year.

    Corin's Gran.

  4. We really liked your art. Some of them looked cool and funny. Some of ours looked kind of funny as well. The juniors laughed when we showed them at assembly! We hope you have a good year.
    From Room 5, Winchester School in Palmerston North.

  5. Great work. I love it.
    Corin's Grandad