Apr 23, 2009

A new term and a new focus for our learning.

Our online homework research topics is becoming a real success. The information that you all found out about Jean Batten was wonderful and informative. A goal for us this term is to get more comments added to our research and to remember to use capital letters when we are writing our name at the bottom of our comment. If you are still unsure how to leave a comment please come and talk with me and I will give you a demonstration on how easy it is :)
Our new learning focus this term is about the Arts (Dance, Drama and Visual Art) and there are many different learning experiences set out for us this term to discover all about the Arts. We will be looking at famous painters, dances from different countries and at the end of the term we will be staging a musical for friends and family. It is going to be an exciting and busy term and I know that we will have a lot of fun learning together.

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  1. I like this terms topic because art is one of my favourite things, and we get to find out about lots of famous people around the world.