Apr 23, 2009

Week 1's reserch task

With ANZAC day happening in the holidays it is a good time for us to look at what ANZAC is all about and research a famous New Zealander who has a lot to do with ANZAC day.
The posting this week is a little different, you can chose to find out about our famous new Zealander or just post some comments on what you have found out about the ANZAC's and why we have ANZAC day.
I will give you the name of this weeks famous New Zealander and what you need to do is to find out about him and why and how he became famous. His name is Sir Charles Upham and he was a New Zealand solider in World War 2.
So the homework task is...
-Find out about Sir Charles Upham
-Find out about ANZAC day
Add the information that you have found out to the class Blog by posting a comment. Happy researching!


  1. Charles Upham was a NZ soldier who earned the Victoria Cross twice during WWII in Crete and in Egypt. He is the ONLY combat soldier to receive the award twice. Only 3 people have won the VC twice - this is known as the "VC and Bar". His nickname in the army was PUG and he served for 11years and made the rank of Captain.

  2. I learned that ANZAC stands for Austrailia New Zealnd Army Corp.Anzac Day is the 25th of April. It is a day that celebrates the team work between Austraila and New Zealand soldiers. It is also a day that represents great national pride for New Zealand.

  3. 1 ANZAC stands for australian and NZ army corps.
    2 ANZAC day is on the 25th of April every year.
    3 We wear a red poppy because it was the first plant to grow where the army soldiers got buried.
    4 There is an ANZAC biscuit.
    5 There is an ANZC bridge in Sydney Australia