Apr 6, 2009

Who is this person and what did she do?

The famous New Zealander research task is a bit different this week, there is a photo of a famous New Zealander and you need to add all of your information onto the blog as a comment...
...it is easy to do, just have a chat with your friends and family about who you think this famous New Zealander is and then click the comment button at the bottom of this post, add your information on who she is and what she did and then I will publish it to the blog.
Lets see if we can find as much about J___ B_____ as we did about Sir Edmund Hillary last week.


  1. jean batten first in new zealand to complete the challange of flying from england to australia in 15days on the wy back it took 17 days.on the flits she live on milk and loles. she diyedb fom a dog bite.


  2. Can you imagine living on Milk and Lollies for 17 days? You would have strong bones and holes in your teeth!
    Mr D

  3. born in Roateroa 1919 15th september. she went to London to have poino lessins but herd abuot flying and had to sell her piano to pay for flying lessins. she had lots of crashes. it was her 3rd try when she flew from eingland to australia. her most famous flite was from australia to new zealand. affter her mother died she was a hermet that did not like to talk to anyone.

    james suddaby

  4. in 1934 jean batten flew solo from england
    to australia, achieving the fastest time for
    a woman pilot.
    makayla rasmussen

  5. Jean Batten
    born 1909 died 1982
    she made the first direct flight from England to NZ. She was the first women to fly from england to south america. She stopped her flying adventures when world war II started.
    Died from a dog bite in Majorca.
    Samuel Teal

  6. Jean Battens first plane was the De Havilland DH60 M Gipsy Moth (G-AARB). It was a 2-seater open cockpit. She modified it by putting in 2 extra fuel tanks so it could travel 800 miles in one go. She also added an in-flight toilet system that she didnt tell anyone about.
    Her second plane was twice as fast as her Gipsy Moth. It was called a Percival Gull (G-ADPR). It could go as far as 2000 miles in one go because it had larger fuel tanks. She flew this after 1935. It is on display at Auckland International Airport. We will tell Daddy to see it this morning.
    Jean Batten was famous for blind flying which meant she flew without radio. She used her own navigation skills, a watch, a compass and a map.
    Hamish Elliott

  7. I find it amazing that Jean Batten made all of those solo flights before she was 30 years old.

    Ben Harrington.