Apr 6, 2009

Homework Task

Last week for homework we were given a photo and had to find out who the famous New Zealander was. It was a pretty easy one and turned out to be Sir Edmund Hillary. We all came up with a lot of amazing facts about him like...
-Born in 1919 and died in 2008 at the age of 88.
-The first mountain he climbed was Mt Olive in the Southern Alps (He climbed it in 1939).
-Was in the Air Force in WW2 and was a navigator.
-Climbed Aoraki (Mt Cook) in 1947.
-First person in the WHOLE WORLD to climp Mt Everest with his Sherpa friend Tenzing Norgay.
-Traveled overland to both the North and South Poles and when he went to the South Pole he traveled in a Massey Ferguson tractor!
-He was a Bee Keeper.
-He was shy.
-He liked to read.
It was great to find out so much great information about this hero of New Zealand. There were two other points raised by the children. Firstly Sir Ed did a lot of work to help his friends the Nepalese people and helped to raise money for new schools, hospitals and other projects. Secondly it was pointed out that when on top of Everest Hillary took a photo of Tenzing, but Tenzing did not know how to use the camera and so could not take a photo of Hillary... do you think he should have put a bit more preparation into teaching Tenzing how to use a camera?

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