Feb 28, 2012

Keeping Ourselves Safe: Constable Phil's Visit

Constable Vink came to talk to us about who to talk to if you need help. We recorded our ideas in a spider web with Family in the middle of the web, then school and then community on the outside.

The family group were people like Mum or Dad, friends and family. The school group included teachers, the principal and Leanne in the office. The community group was people like Doug, the Police and Liz and Dave at the shop.

The spider web shows us who to talk to when we need help, like an emergency, or when you need help with a problem that you cannot solve yourself.

He told that if one person does not listen we need to keep on telling other people in our web.

Constable Phil also allowed us to ask him questions about what he does every day as a police man. It was nice to know that he only uses his gun in training and has never had to use it for real.

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