Feb 8, 2012

Nick Willis comes to our school

Nick Willis visited us at school today.

Nick Willis is an Olympic Athlete from New Zealand but he lives in America because that is where his coach and training partners live. He first went to America to attend Michigan University on a sports scholarship.

He went to the Olympics in Athens and Beijing and also he went to the Commonwealth Games. In Beijing he won a Bronze medal in the 1500m race. The 1500m is a medium distance race. He told us about New Zealand's long history of 1500m runners with Jack Lovelock, Peter Snell and John Walker (who had a mullet).

Before a race he needs to rest, stretch and not eat or drink to avoid the stitch. After a race he is wide awake and because most of his races are late at night he does not sleep untill very late after a race.

He eats cereal with yogurt and toast with bacon for breakfast because he gets to eat grains, protein and some fat (the bacon). For lunch he eats lots of fruit and vegetables and he said we needed to try and eat as many different colour fruits and vegetables as possible so you get all of the vitamins that you need.

It was really good to hear an athlete talk to us and we hope that he does well in the Olympics in London.

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  1. Hey there Room 6! your Blog site is very cool! We love all your photos and think some of your stories are cool too. You were lucky to meet a famous athlete, Nick Willis, so maybe you should come and tell us about it! from Room 3, your neighbours across the grass.