Feb 24, 2012

Triathlon Training with Mark and Jude

Mark and Jude came today to give us some coaching for the triathlon next week. We focused on the transition area (the place where we park our bike) and also went for a short ride and a run.

Triathlon Points to Remember…

1. You have to set up you bike to face the correct way.

2. Keep your helmet with your bike so it doesn’t get kicked by others.

3. Mark out your bike space with your towel, so you know where to put your bike back after the run.

4. You must wear proper shoes… no – Crocs, jandals or bare feet.

5. Sensible clothing.

6. Do not touch you bike until your helmet is on.

7. Walk you bike in the transition area.

8. Set up your helmet with the straps facing out so easier and faster to clip on.

9. Have your tyres pumped up!

10. Only get on you bike once Jude says “Mount your bikeJ”.

11. Make sure you are off your bike in the area where mark says “Dismount your bike J”.

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