Feb 29, 2012

Rolling a dice

We had a statement for maths that said ‘It is more likely to roll a Six on a dice than any other number’.
We first voted on if it was true or false and only Ben thought it was true.
Nest we rolled the dice 40 – 100 times each and recorded it on a Tally chart and graphed our information.
Next we used Excell to put all of our information together and we discovered that we had rolled the dice more tham 1,400 times. We put our information in a table, then turned the information into a Pie Chart and a Bar Graph.

We discovered that 6 was the most common number so Ben was right, but we think that there is really an equal chance of getting any number.
Our two new words were…
Frequency: the amount that something happens.
Data: information.
The data was the information we collected abut dice rolling and the frequency was the amount of times each number got rolled.

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