Mar 16, 2012

A day in our lunchbox

Today we looked closely at our lunchboxes, surveyed our different wrappings and packages. We all have really healthy lunches, but we do have a lot of waste packaging. 4 meters of wrappers and 4 meters of glad wrap in one day.

If we were to change our packaging there would be some problems like sandwiches getting soggy, food might get wasted by kids and parents might not find it easy to change the way they prepare lunches.

We decided that we would try and change next week and then see how hard it was.

1.We are going to try and use containers not glad wrap.

2.Label our containers to be responsible for our property.

3.Reuse zip lock and bread bags for our sandwiches.

4.And try and have one less package in our lunchbox every day.

We are giving it a go and challenge you to do the same.






Home made

Tin foil

Healthy lunch


Ginger nuts

They can carry things

Muesli Bars

Crackers with cheese



Glad Wrap

Pop Corn

Sharing Food

Chocolate chip cookies

Eating food to fast

Too much food

Plastic bags


Lunchboxes breaking

Cup Cakes

Hot Cross Buns with Butter


Some ones lunch box is better than yours.

Teasing you about your lunchbox

Raspberry buns


Apple Juice – The juice is trapped in the apple and gets flavoured.

Tomatoes – Fruit or vegetables.

Sandwiches – they can be different (healthy and unhealthy)

Grapes – you can peel the skin.

Not all the same

Jelly – fruit and sugar

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