Mar 8, 2012


A lot of our goals from the interviews have been related to spelling and basic facts.

Your child's basic essential word lists will be going home next week, with the words that they need to learn highlighted, but I thought that it would be an asset to have the essential word lists available here, so that they are easier to access if a homework book is unable to be found :).

Academic Skill Builders is a great Maths basic fact (Multiplication, Division Addition and Subtraction) game site, where the children think they are having fun, but actually learning :)

Some of us also would like to improve our typing skills and this will be a very important skill to have in the future. Dance Mat Typing is a great game, where you are trained by a Martial Arts Yak how to type. It is from the BBC Schools website, which is another great place to go to find some really good educational games.

If there are parents who have access to iPads and are looking for Apps that are good support for learning basic facts and maths just leave a comment and I will research some for you or if you know some I please let me know and I will post them here for others to use as well.

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