Mar 6, 2012

Some questions for you to answer


  1. Hello Mr Dyer,
    I'm Hannah Prout and my Mother wanted to know why we have to fill in this form. She says the questions ar very strange.

  2. Hello there Hannah,
    Hope that you are enjoying life at MAC.
    You are right, the questions are a bit strange and are rather disjointed... what does your favourite animal have to do with your eye colour or the country that you were born in?
    The only real connection with all the questions is that we have asked ourselves all of these questions over the past 3 weeks and our results seem strange, so we wanted to ask more people to see if we could change them by increasing our sample size.
    For example:
    In Room 6 when we look at eye colour there were 15 with blue eyes, 2 with brown, 2 with hazel and 2 with green.
    We believe that more people should have brown eyes (99% of China does), but we need to ask more people to check if our hypothesis is correct.
    Hope that I have answered your question Hannah.
    Mr Dyer :)

  3. PS: Jenny, was your favourite animal the Fresh Water Snail?

  4. Yes, Mr Dyer. I spent 5 years studying mating habits of fresh water snails at university, many years ago. I grew quite fond of them! Kindest Jenny

  5. Hi Mr Dyer. I am Emily Prout. Mum was crazy saying her favourite animal was fresh water snails, plus I don't know anything about them and Mum never told me before. I don't know what else to write, Mr Dyer, so Good-Bye.